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Welcome to NicaRetreats

NicaRetreats was founded by Mike and Megan five years ago. They were drawn to the country for its simplicity, natural beauty and friendly people… and also had a hope to help the community along the way.


Office CCA few of their highlights so far have included helping some locals build their homes, start small businesses, and working with orphanages in Managua. Two of these businesses have included the now famous, ´Yolanda´s Restaurant´ in Limon and ´Riderz Surf Repair´, also located in Limon.

Since moving to Nicaragua they have also welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy. They are looking forward to what the next chapter in this country will bring.

Lastly, Megan is also a licensed psychotherapist and offers customized healing packages that include counseling and life coaching. Contact her to learn more about these unique retreats.




Our Amazing NicaRetreats Team

teamThe NicaRetreats office is conveniently located at the entrance to Redonda Bay.  We also have an on-site bilingual staff that are here to assist you during your stay.  Our staff will help you from the moment you check-in; showing you to your vacation rental, arranging  tours & activities, dinner reservations, transportation services and more.