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“This moment contains all moments.” —C.S. Lewis

Looking for a little something different on your holiday? Or perhaps you are hoping to incorporate a little wellness into your  trip. NicaRetreats has been customizing wellness and healing retreats for the last 6 years.  Nicaragua Yoga Retreats have also become a popular choice; let us help you plan the perfect wellness vacation or retreat!  Our unique options like holistic counseling and walking therapy, can make your holiday even more soulful.   Check out all of the healthy and holistic services offered through NicaRetreats



For all yoga lovers, there is always the perfect spot to heal & relax at at Redonda Bay.

Yoga for all levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced… we offer you private in home lessons or a daily group class at Aqua Resort. Please connect with us to help you with your specific needs and have the opportunity to work on a custom made program during your stay.



All counseling services are facilitated by Megan Sihle, MS LMHC. Megan is a licensed psychotherapist and has been offering personal and couples counseling retreats here in Nicaragua for the last 6 years.   We can customize a healing retreat package with a couple of sessions and more play time or include daily counseling in your package.  Please contact to learn more.


Holistic Counseling

Holistic counseling is different than traditional counseling in the sense that it does not focus solely on the mind and emotions. It addresses the person as a whole being; looking at lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise habits, and support network in addition to the emotional mind and physical symptoms of the body. This enables us to look at ourselves collectively and observe which parts may be out of balance. For instance, do you work a full-time job, rush straight to the gym, hurry home to cook dinner and eat quickly as you flip through channels on the TV? A holistic approach to counseling and coaching looks at the areas of your life that you may be neglecting. Such as, how is your spiritual life, what do you do to unwind or decompress, how often do you connect with friends or family, what kinds of foods do you eat, how do you feel physically (tired, headaches, over-stimulated, etc.)? These pieces are all addressed as we work toward ways for you to begin to balance out all areas in your life.

Life coaching typically takes the stance of observing the present, and setting goals for what you hope to achieve in the future. Whereas traditional therapy looks to healing the past in order to move forward, life coaching focuses on meeting you where you are, looking at your life honestly and objectively, and examining how you may want your future (that which you have control of) to look differently. A retreat setting is a perfect opportunity to participate in life coaching in that it does not require a huge investment of time, but is something you can benefit from after having just a few sessions.


Couples Coaching

**The only training most of us have in the area of relationships is what we have learned from our own families, caregivers and past relationships. Couples coaching and/or a “couples retreat” can be an emotional and relational education; an opportunity to learn new ways of relating, to gain a deeper understanding of your partner, and regain that lost sense of connection.

Working through relationship problems on your own can sometimes prove a daunting task. Often times, a couple will be stuck amidst a power struggle, or just become indifferent to the issues, and learn to co-exist in the partnership. However, you are not meant to battle with your partner or to simply co-exist without passion; you chose one another for a reason, and conflicts are actually an opportunity to deepen your relationship. Couples counseling/coaching assists you in understanding the issues contributing to the problem and how to deal with them thoughtfully and sensitively.

COUPLES COACHING: For dealing with conflicts
At first it is important that I get an idea of the relationship issues that are causing distress and the goals you are hoping to achieve as a couple. While it is important to explore individual issues that are contributing to the conflict, I believe that when working with a couple the relationship is the client, so the focus remains on how to heal and grow the relationship. Furthermore, my couples counseling style is about empowering the couple with the tools they will need to enhance their life together in a meaningful and healthy way. We will explore and work through your relationship conflicts during our dialogue/counseling sessions, and through various forms of outdoor activities as well. You will have the opportunity to choose activities with your partner where you both feel comfortable in exploring these relational edges & conflicts. These may include walking therapy, yoga, kayaking, or paddle boarding.

COUPLES COACHING: For enhancing your relationship
This is for couples who are not looking to understand or resolve specific conflicts, but are solely interested in enhancing their current relationship. This can be done through learning new and advanced techniques in communication, and active & reflective listening, which I will teach and facilitate through couples dialogue sessions. This may also include participating in other couples activities together such as: paddle-boarding, kayaking, surfing, yoga, or hiking. The goals of this type of couples coaching experience include: enhancing intimacy, communication, and cultivating a more mature & evolved relational connection.

Some typical issues people may address in relationship coaching may include: a lack of connection or intimacy, life transitions, parenting conflicts, infidelity, and communication challenges.


Walking Therapy

Nicaragua is a unique place, as are the wellness & healing options we offer here. Walking therapy is a fun and less formal way to go about the business of talk therapy. Most people enjoy walking through nature, experiencing the energy of the surrounding land & sea, and usually find themselves feeling better than when they started. Lots of great things are happening when we take a walk outside. Our body gets a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, endorphins are released, and we get to be more ‘in the moment’ naturally.

Depending on your physical health, you can make your walking therapy session longer or shorter, and even request a more advanced walk for your session. We often make stops along the way when needed. A walking therapy session can even include a few yoga postures thrown in during the course of the walk. This is something we can discuss in more detail when you schedule your session. This sacred land in which we offer walking therapy provides the ideal environment to open up, and not only to nature, but to yourself…Recommended walking times are morning sessions and pre-sunset to sunset.


SPA Services

Treat your body in the total privacy of your luxurious vacation home. 1 Hr. and 90 minute relaxing massages available through NicaRetreats.

If you want to live the full luxury and unique spa experience, don’t miss the Spa Mukul at Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa at Guacalito de la Isla. Discover their six spas and choose your favorite ritual. Perfect for any special occasion! Let us know if you have any questions…we are here to plan with you and get the best of your experience.

Experience relaxing massages, facials and body treatments at Aqua Spa. Located at the Aqua, Wellness Resort at Redonda Bay. Enjoy ancestral healing techniques along with local ingredients. We are happy to provide you with more information and help you to get your spa treatments booked.

Please email to book a massage or spa experience.


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