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Surfing in Nicaragua

Surfing In Nicaragua? Yes, Nicaragua Is A Secret Surfing Pacific Paradise

The Tola-Rivas region of Nicaragua has earned a reputation among surfing destinations as the place to go when you’re crunched for time and want to guarantee some waves. The surf in Nicaragua is ideal in this southwest area of the country thanks to Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. The atmospheric conditions create consistent, off-shore surf that lasts all day long and practically all year long. Your surfing vacation to Nicaragua won’t be ruined by finicky weather and poor waves; there’s always a wave to catch near Rivas.

Surfing In Tola-Rivas

Surfing has been a local activity since the area was settled. A few international surfers took notice in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but it wasn’t until the country’s internal strife was put to rest and a democratic form of government emerged in the 1990’s that the world started to take notice of the surf in Nicaragua.

In fact, the Nicaraguan government decided to promote surfing as a way to boost tourism to the country, but it wasn’t until the early to mid-2000’s that surf camps and surfing towns started to spring up. Today, the area is home to camps, contests, and resorts but remains a relatively untouched surfing destination. The surfing scene is still developing in Nicaragua making this a great time to get in on the action.

Surfers will find plenty of beach breaks and left points along with a few reef breaks to test their skills on. But even better, they won’t find intense crowds that are typical of major surfing hot spots and even if there are crowds, there’s no rush to catch a wave before the winds change because they won’t. You can expect great offshore winds all day long here:)

Relax In Private Vacation Rentals At The End Of The Day

After a day hitting the waves, surfers can kick back in private vacation rentals at Nica Retreats. We are located right in the heart of Nicaragua surfing country, have surfboards and paddleboards available for rent and offer surf lessons upon request.

Surfing in Nicaragua is fun and consistent. It’s the perfect spot for the occasional surfer or anyone who just wants to get out and have fun on the waves without fighting crowds. Book a stay at Nica Retreats and experience the Nicaragua surfing for yourself! Contact us at +1 866-285-3567 to arrange your surfing holiday today!

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