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There’s Something For Everyone At Nica Retreats – Nicaragua Vacation Home Rentals

What comes to mind when you think of Nicaragua? Jungles? Volcanoes? It’s the largest country in Central America and home to more than 6 million friendly and welcoming people. It’s also an increasingly popular tourist destination. Warm weather, beautiful scenery, and substantial biodiversity coupled with affordable vacation rentals are a […]

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Planning a Family Getaway? Think Nica Retreats When Planning Your Central America Vacation

Central America is gaining a reputation as a family vacation hotspot. Affordable accommodations, warm temperatures year-round, and a near-endless choice of activities have made the area a viable alternative to the more distant (and pricey!) island destinations. Nicaragua is a fast-growing Central America vacation destination as families discover the wealth […]

A Taste for Fishing Excursions in Nicaragua Year Round

Nicaragua may be known for its rainforests and volcanoes, but if you’re interested in water-based vacation activities during your stay at Nica Retreats, then our unique fishing excursion can’t be beat. Fishing Excursions in Nicaragua is an experience you won’t soon forget and it’s something that you or your family […]

Why Nicaragua…?

I hear it often, “Why Nicaragua?” I used to have a generic version ready to give after hearing the question so often. “It all started with my husbands surf trip, and then a few Nica vacations later, we were putting a deposit down on a piece of land, and started […]