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Hiking In Nicaragua: From Volcano Climbing To Jungle Trekking

Ask anyone who has visited Nicaragua to describe their favorite experiences and you’ll hear them mention two activities: climbing the country’s volcanoes and exploring its jungles. These Nicaraguan adventures appeal to travelers looking for excitement in a land known for its dense rainforests, picturesque landscape, and serene beauty. At NicaRetreats, […]

Nicaragua Healing and Yoga Retreats

When I moved to Nicaragua 6 years ago, and had the idea to start offering retreats in this magical place, Healing and Yoga Retreats were not a common practice.  I did know a handful of Yoga teachers that took a group on retreat, but it certainly was not as trendy […]

Spring Break Vacation Rentals In Nicaragua Spell Fun For Everyone

Ahhhh….Spring Break. Who hasn’t dreamt of jetting off to someplace warm and tropical after months of dark and dreary weather? If Nicaragua isn’t on your short list of spring break destinations, it’s time to edit that list! Nicaragua is a great place to vacation whether it’s with family, friends, or […]

November thoughts…and our Featured Nicaragua Vacation Rental :)

Wow, I cannot believe we are almost midway through November…so close to kicking off the holiday season.  It’s the perfect time to reflect on the magic of Nicaragua and showcase our featured Nicaragua vacation rental (we like to feature different rentals throughout the year).   I love that Thanksgiving is […]

A Taste for Fishing Excursions in Nicaragua Year Round

Nicaragua may be known for its rainforests and volcanoes, but if you’re interested in water-based vacation activities during your stay at Nica Retreats, then our unique fishing excursion can’t be beat. Fishing Excursions in Nicaragua is an experience you won’t soon forget and it’s something that you or your family […]