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Jungle Life: A Breathtaking Trek Into The Jungles Of Nicaragua

The jungles of Nicaragua are a key aspect of the country’s beauty. Thick and lush, they sprawl across the landscape, forming a tropical paradise and promising adventure to the intrepid vacationer. Treks into the jungles and rainforests continue to be one of the most popular activities among visitors and tourists.

NicaRetreats offers a number of tours that send you into the heart of the country’s most beautiful jungles. You’ll have an opportunity to observe the curious wildlife, inspect the region’s rich flora, and zip line across the densest areas of vegetation.

Following are a few of the adventures you can experience when you stay at NicaRetreats:

Day Trip To Ometepe Island

This majestic island is home to two large volcanoes, one of which is surrounded by a lush rainforest. Maderas Volcano, located on the southeast half of the island, is also unique in that it contains a huge lagoon in its crater.

Most of Ometepe Island is maintained as a natural preserve, ensuring its beautiful jungles and rainforests remain in pristine condition. When you visit, you’ll have a chance to explore its jungles, hike its volcanoes, meet its people, and discover its storied history.

Hiking Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho, located near Granada, has a steep profile, offers excellent views of the surrounding landscape, and supports two types of forests. The first type, a dwarf forest, is home to miniature trees and small animal life. The second type, a cloud forest, is perpetually covered by a low-level cloud. The constant moisture keeps the vegetation green and thick.

This is an ideal spot for zip lining. After climbing Mombacho and enjoying the breathtaking views, sail across the rainforest’s canopy for a bird’s-eye perspective of the terrain.

ATV Tours

Traveling on foot (or via zip line) isn’t the only way to experience the jungles of Nicaragua. Sometimes, the best way to do it is on an ATV.

At NicaRetreats, you can rent an ATV and embark on an exciting tour of the region’s most memorable sites. After a stop at Playa Amarillo, host to one of Nicaragua’s popular surfing hotspots, cut through the jungles, explore the undeveloped coastline, and savor the scenery at Montenque Point.

You’ll never miss out on adventure when you stay at NicaRetreats. From hiking volcanoes to zip-lining over Nicaragua’s jungles and rainforests, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Contact NicaRetreats today at +1 866-285-3567 to book your next vacation.