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Nicaragua Healing and Yoga Retreats

When I moved to Nicaragua 6 years ago, and had the idea to start offering retreats in this magical place, Healing and Yoga Retreats were not a common practice.  I did know a handful of Yoga teachers that took a group on retreat, but it certainly was not as trendy as it is now.  Somewhere along the way in 6 years, the concept of retreat took off, and people ran with it.  Perhaps, everyone was tired of taking  the prototypical vacations, and losing site of any or all healthy living during their so-called holiday.  Maybe a more holistic approach to vacation started to sound intelligent and even desirable to those caught in a fast-paced, technologically driven and as my friend refers to it, (un)social media addicted culture.

That said, I still think it’s truly important to take a step back at different times in our lives; allowing ourselves time to reflect, be active, practice yoga, eat healthy food, jump in the ocean everyday, watch the monkeys play, rise with the sun and come down as it sets.  It is amazing what can happen when we spend some time in nature; listening, observing, simply paying attention…to our surroundings, but also to ourselves.  I have always believed that we hide in our ‘business,’ because when we really do stop for a moment, to assess our inner world, it can be overwhelming.  This is what makes a healing or yoga retreat so special.  You are able to do all of this, but with a teacher and/or guide.  Furthermore, you get to step outside of the mundane and daily minutia, to take in new surroundings, experiences, and culture.

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Nicaragua is an ideal place to host or come on a retreat.  It’s still so raw and untouched, yet going through a transition and becoming more known throughout the world as an ideal travel and vacation destination.  It is a country blessed with so much beauty; gorgeous beaches, majestic volcanoes, rich flora, and lots of wildlife.  You can come here and feel the rhythms of nature and let it sooth you, rest your soul, vacationing in way you’ve never quite experienced before….

NicaRetreats offers counseling and healing retreats for individuals and couples.  These retreats are facilitated by Megan E. Sihle MS LMHC, licensed psychotherapist.  Each healing retreat is customized based on the specific needs and goals of the guest.  Check out more About Megan here.

We also work with  yoga teachers to organize and plan the perfect Nicaragua Yoga Retreat.  Our community of Redonda Bay is the perfect place to host group retreats.  We have 4 and 5 bedroom ocean front homes and resort amenities in Redonda Bay.  Check us out to learn more:

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