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November thoughts…and our Featured Nicaragua Vacation Rental :)

Wow, I cannot believe we are almost midway through November…so close to kicking off the holiday season.  It’s the perfect time to reflect on the magic of Nicaragua and showcase our featured Nicaragua vacation rental (we like to feature different rentals throughout the year).   I love that Thanksgiving is the time of year we are expected to sit back, relax, spend time with loved ones, and be grateful. Truly grateful.  For all that we have to be thankful for…and for many of us, that’s a lot.   I know first hand after living in Nicaragua for 6 years, it is actually a luxury to have electricity on a daily basis, and water, and the ability to buy food to indulge in a lovely meal with our friends and families.   This country has made me look at so many things differently, and sometimes when I’m away for an extended time, it is even more clear what I love about this place.  I hope we can all take a moment to practice some gratitude this Thanksgiving as we approach the holiday season.  Perhaps, this can help us all as we approach Christmas, and all the delightful (albeit sometimes stressful) situations we experience during the holidays.  It truly is a spiritual time of year…overflowing with meaning and tradition…let’s try to stay in that state of mind this year.

Seriously, I have said it before, and I will continue to say it…until you come see for yourselves.  Nicaragua is in a unique place, in the process of being ‘discovered’ but still so humble and raw. What are you waiting for…check out our amazing Nicaragua vacation rentals and our eco-chic boutique community of Redonda Bay.   While most plans for the holidays have been decided, have you thought about your post-holiday plans?  January and February are gorgeous months in Nicaragua–especially if you want to break free from some of the chillier places on earth.  Which leads me to our featured  Nicaragua vacation rental this month, “La Vista Nica.”  Just click here: to see more photos of this stunning holiday rental.

We will be waiting to assist you…our amazing Nicaretreats team, and the lovely people of Nicaragua.

Have a beautiful November and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

This photo captures our gorgeous Redonda bay at sunset….

Sunset redonda bay