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Packing Essentials For Nicaragua

Vacations are meant to be relaxing but the time leading up to it can be anything but! One of he biggest stressors for many people is packing for vacation. It’s even worse if you’re going somewhere that you’ve never been before. To help ease you into that relaxed frame of mind we’re hoping you achieve on vacation, we’ve compiled this list of packing essentials for Nicaragua.

The time of year that you visit us and the activities you plan on doing will influence what to pack for Nicaragua to some degree, but there are certain things you’ll want to pack no matter what.

The Essentials

It’s humid in Nicaragua so keep that in mind when you pack clothing. In general, lightweight outdoor clothing will be acceptable in most places.

  • General Travel Needs
    • Travel documents. You’ll need a valid U.S. Passport to enter the country. You will need your driver’s license if you plan to drive.
    • English/Spanish dictionary
    • English/Spanish apps for your smartphone
    • Credit and ATM cards
    • Cash. U.S. dollars in small bills are fine, but you can exchange money for the Nicaraguan Córdoba (C).
    • Comfortable backpack or day bag
    • Water filtration bottle
    • Electric outlet adapter
  • Clothing
    • Shorts
    • Khakis – jeans will be too hot.
    • Light jacket
    • Lightweight shirts
    • Hiking shoes
    • Extra socks
    • Sandals and swimwear if you plan to hit the beach
    • Fleece or flannel if you plan to visit the highland coffee plantations or volcanoes.
  • Toiletries and Personal Hygiene
    • Sunblock
    • Shade hat
    • Sunglasses or polarized sunglasses
    • OTC and Rx medications
    • Insect repellent
    • Personal toiletries – shampoos, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.

Wet Season Packing List

The rainy season runs from September through November so definitely pack some rain gear if you’re visiting during this time. Other suggestions include:

  • Water-resistant clothing
  • Extra shoes
  • Plastic bags for carrying wet or muddy clothing and gear
  • Dry case for electronics and other things you don’t want to get wet

Dry Season Packing List

The dry season is from December through May, with April and May being the hottest. Pack lightweight, loose-fitting, breathable clothes if you’re traveling during this time of year. It will be hot and humid so expect to get sweaty and maybe even pack a few extra items of clothing to refresh yourself before dinner after a day out and about. In general, pack summerwear.

Want More Details? Contact Nica Retreats For Advice On What To Pack For Nicaragua 

If you’re unsure what to pack, call us! We want you to have a great time here at Nica Retreats and we’ll be happy to discuss your packing needs over the phone. You really don’t need much to enjoy your stay here!

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