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Top 3 Reasons why I love Redonda Bay …and you will too:)

I am definitely smitten with Nicaragua, and of course, our lovely little community of Redonda Bay. If you had the chance to read my first blog post, you have a pretty good idea of how we got here, and more importantly, why we stayed. So, nmeg yoga redonda3ow the question remains: what is it that I truly love about this sleepy little eco-community of Redonda Bay? Let me be honest… I know I have a tendency of being enthusiastic and overly loquacious about something without ever giving specifics…and I also know that some people just like to know the real deal. So, for these people I will try to break it down the best I can. Here are the top 3 reasons I heart Redonda Bay:)

1.) It’s a boutique development in the middle of the jungle.

On a personal level, I love to travel, and for lack of a better phrase, ‘travel authentically.’ Don’t get me wrong, I love deluxe accommodations and stellar service as much as the next person, but I also love to feel the true pulse of the place I am visiting. Simply put: You feel the pulse of Nicaragua in Redonda Bay. It’s small and cozy (but not too small), there are lots of great hikes to do on and around the property and there are more monkeys and wildlife than actual tourists. The terrain is rugged in the best sense with local and natural materials creating the roads, trails, and paths. Even though you are staying in a lovely, well equipped accommodation, the moment you step outside, it is you and nature.

The vacation home rentals are peppered throughout RB, mainly up high, with drastic ocean and jungle views. Aqua Resort is located on the other side, a little closer to the beach. The gorgeous local flora changes depending on the season. If you visit from June to November you will be experiencing the green or rainy season, and the landscape is super green and lush. You can still expect to see some green in December, but after some time with no rain, it starts to resemble the dry rain forest that it is…not as lush, but still absolutely breathtaking. This is the time to notice the plants that do flower and all of the cool cactuses surrounding us. Many people prefer the dry season (Decemeber-late May), because it’s super sunny most days, and perfect beach weather (but bring sunscreen, because the sun is fuerte). The sunsets are spectacular all thoughout the year:)

Since Redonda Bay is a small boutique development, it feels personal, like you are a part of something when you’re here. Not to mention that every vacation rental is walking distance to our private beach…which is stunning. I like the short hikes around the property…the air is fresh and you hear all of the sounds of the jungle, ocean, and howler monkeys that make their home here.

2.) Aqua Wellness Resort:

I touched on Aqua a bit in #1, but it most definitely deserves it’s own space. Just to make it clear, the vacation home rentals are not a part of Aqua Resort, however, Aqua is the resort and amenity for all guests staying in Redonda Bay. Therefore, guests renting a vacation home have access to all of the amenities at Aqua, including, the restaurant, spa, kayaks on the beach, etc.

That said, Aqua is beautiful. Truly beautiful. Think local wood treehouse villas strategically placed along jungle walking trails, all of which lead down to the private beach. It is barefoot luxury at it’s finest. The villas were constructed using local materials and a lot of heart.. the result is eco-elegant and super tasteful. Many villas even have private plunge pools overlooking the amazing views surrounding them.

Aqua also has a lovely beachside bar, that serves delicious cocktails, fresh juices, and healthy smoothies. There restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with local options, in addition to healthy international fare. This is a great option if you are staying in a vacation home in RB, but do not want to cook every meal. The restaurant is lit up beautifully in the evening as well. A perfect place to watch the sunset and linger over cocktails or dinner.

Lastly, Aqua has a wonderful full-service spa:-) They incorporate local products and offer quite a few different services. The massages are lovely, and the perfect setting for treating yourself on holiday.

3.) It’s affordable!

Going back to #1: I love nice accommodations, great service, beautiful surroundings…who doesn’t? But, I think we all have a desire for a little something more when we travel. I mean, why go to an exotic place, if you plan on staying in a mega resort and never really experiencing the culture? I think Redonda Bay is the perfect balance of vacationing in an exotic place, staying in a lovely and comfortable accommodation, but also feeling the true energy of the land…all this and it is still really affordable. If you check out our “vacation rentals” link, you will see photos of our vacations homes. They are gorgeous 3,4 and 5 bedroom homes with pools and views, ranging from $225-$450 a night. It’s such a great option for traveling with families, friends, and even on your honeymoon. I will be surprised if you leave here not feeling that you got above and beyond what you paid for.

To me, vacation is about unwinding, disconnecting to the mundane, and exploring something new. Traveling to a foreign country is a perfect opportunity to let go of what you know or what you think you can be transcending. It’s an opportunity to feel the life inside of you…become curious again. I think Redonda Bay is a perfect place to come and experience life…fully, completely, without expectations. Visit us. You won’t be disappointed.

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